Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Take an action toward Madiba Cameroon 2016

As we do annually, delivering impact to communities since 2011, This year again we are taking the road of Batibo a great city in the North West Region of Cameroon.
There we expect to have +100 participant receiving training on topics such as ICT, Health and deseases prevention, Languages, Cultural workshops...
From July 10th to August 27th 2016, We will be leaving our marks with an international volunteers team.
We are calling for your attention and requesting your help even without travelling. Those +100 children and teanagers need your any kind of support: Unused clothes, Tooth paste, Tooth brushes, exercise books, pencils, pens, books...
Contact us: Phone/Whatsapp: +237 677 795 929 | 676 467 238. Email: project@webdevfoundation.org. We will make sure to collect your contribution and bring it to the needed target.
Thank you very much
WebDev Foundation Team

Thursday, 21 April 2016


For the 6th consecutive year, we are happy to announce our upcoming project in Cameroon. This year focus will be given to Batibo, A village located in the North-West Region of Cameroon.

About Batibo:
Batibo is a town in Cameroon, Africa. It is located along the Trans-African Highway, 27 miles west of Bamenda. Batibo is the economic, social, political and cultural heartbeat of Moghamo as well as the Greater Widikum tribe. Batibo, formerly referred to as Aghwi, is home to a people including farmers, traders, and craftsmen.
Batibo culture portrays itself in rhythmic music, traditional outfits, artwork, and folklore and traditional rites. Batibo is sandwiched between the savannah and the tropical forests. The transitional climatic and vegetation zones have endowed the people with subsistent and cash crops. Crops include yams, beans, corn, peanuts,cassava, potatoes, tomatoes, bananas and plantains. Also cultivated in Batibo are perennial trees that produce palm nuts, plums, cashew nuts, kolanuts, coffee and cocoa. Fruits and vegetables grown include pineapples, passion fruitguavasugar cane, monkey kola, berries, okra, Bitter leaf, leeks, oranges, avocadoswater melon and pawpaw.

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