Saturday, 14 December 2013

Summer project - MADIBA Cameroon 2014

Welcome "MADIBA CAMEROON 2014"
Nelson Mandela, Nobel Price in 1993 for his engagement for Peace in South Africa and Worldwide is named today as the great leader, the best example of powerful Worldwide citizen.
We decided to set this project under his memorial because:
- Of his inspired messages toward the usage of Education as Weapon for Education
- He inspired by his actions despite the difficulties he faced to solve the racial discrimination in South Africa after 27 years being in jail.
- He have brought all the worldwide leaders to understand the meaning of freedom and peace.
He said:
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Funraising Campaign for Summer Project | Thanks for Donate

Summer Projects are provided to empower residents in rural areas on the topics of Health, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility. We provide programs in the villages of Bangoua and Babouantou. The trainings, sensitizations and workshops introduce them to help understand the socio-economical problems effecting them and promotes finding sustainable solutions. We provided trainings to more than 150 people (males and females) from 4 to 40 years old each summer.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Located in the province of West Cameroon, Bangoua and Babouantou suffer from underdevelopment with a lack of resources and infrastructure.

How will this project solve this problem?

Our projects will provide education and resources to enable the local population, adults and children, to identify opportunities in their environment that would help promote economic activity and alleviate poverty. The training, along with tools such as computers, technology and health information, aims to show national organizations that investment into the rural population is an important development opportunity for the success of all Cameroon.

Potential Long Term Impact

Our aim is to provide year round centers where former and potential students can utilize technology and information to help improve their lives. Continued use of these resources will potentially increase the need for general infrastructure such as roads, internet, water as a result from increased economic activity in these regions from new business activity.

Project Message

I believe everyone should be afforded the opportunity to improve their life. By providing knowledge, technology and inspiration we can allow the full potential of rural Cameroon to be realized.
- Timothy Smith, Project Coordinator


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Summer project 2013 on going

We are on the field since 4 weeks now. Have being training people on health, information technology, languages (english, german, chinese). Just ended yesterday with chinese classes. Since week 4 began, we started with sensitization campaign with a powerfull global village in the market of the village. with big shocase of chinese, UK, Poland, Belgium, USA, Nigeria, Cameroonian culture in front of various range of population. Looking forward for the rest of the project…
Spécial for Kids program - IT Training

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Summer 2013 general calendar

  • From June 11th to July 7th 2013
Arrival of Internationals
  • July 7th
Arrival of the Team in Bangoua village
  • From July 8th to 12th 2013
Train The Trainer Seminar (The Agenda is inbox)
  • July 14th 2013
Travelling of the team 2 to Babouantou village
  • July 15th to August 25th 2013
6 weeks of trainings, sensitization...
  • August 26th to September 1st 2013
ECOTRIP Southern Cameroon (Foumban, Bamenda, Buea, Limbe, Douala, Kribi...)
  • September 2nd 2013
Global evaluation

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Rosa Willock, Volunteer 2012

My experience of the project was defintly nothing like what I had expected.  I beleive it has been a once in a lifetime experience because never again will I be in the same place at the same time with the same people. I have learnt so much whilst being here that I hope will help me alot in my life. I have enjoyed meeting so many people. The main thing I will miss about African culture is that everyone is genuinly friendly and welcoming even to strangers they meet on the street! I have enjoyed learning lots about the country and the culture which I think is only possible if you live in one place for a long time and interact so closely with local people.

At the beginning I defintly tried to do the same espcially when faced with teaching a class of children in a language I didn’t understand! However the challenge was defintly a good thing because I am proud of some things I have accomplished here which I would have avoided attempting if I had been given the chance. For example after my first session in Banguoa I never would have thought I would be able to teach three hours of class alone to frenchh speakers but I managed to by the end! In terms of practical skills I have learnt how to talk in front of a group of people without feeling terrified and that I must speak much slower and clearer when talking to a group of people. I have learnt about the kind of management style I have when given the oppertunity. Being team leader for English was a challenge because I found it difficullt to order people I consider friends to do things but I have learnt that if the ultimate reponsibility for the task falls to you you have to do everything possible to make sure it is completed.

Rosa -->Willock, Manchester England, Volunteer 2012

Kamila, Volunteer 2011

I did come to Yaounde earlier, so I had opportunity to create my own sessions. Thanks to this a learned a lot about specific topics. There were also held sessions for interns about various topics which should be delivered in the villages, which were really interesting for me. I was co facilitator in many sessions during my stay in Bangoua, also reporter, evaluator and timekeeper for many times. Then I participated in community work and football tournament – it was really interesting experience for me.

Before I came to Cameroon, I expected cultural shock, totally different life style, interaction with people from different environment and cultural background, as well as participation on the project and working in team with people from all over the world. So far, I can say that all of my expectations were fulfilled. 
I would really recommend this country to other interns because I learned really lot about different culture and even about myself.  
Kamila Simkova, Czeck Republic. Summer 2011

Sabrina from Summer 2011

"...I had been in the project for 57days, arrive earlier at Yaounde to prepare for the project. Attended Train the Trainer program. Team leader of CSR subject in charge of 6 members. Facilitator and co facilitator, reporter of Health , Entrepreneurship, English, IT and Community works. Personally, I had learn how to communicate and work along with groups of interns and local members although there was a huge diverse in culture and understanding, but I manage to resolve any conflict that potential come out in my communication. Besides, I had met a lot of local people and learn some french. I heard their story and it was very meaningful for me because I would never imagine I can heard that in my country. Beside, I had been living with my host family before the project period begin, and I tast every single bit of Cameroonian life style there, and now I had better understanding of Africa culture..."
Sabrina lim siew lee, Malaysia. Volunteer 2011