Saturday, 8 June 2013

Sabrina from Summer 2011

"...I had been in the project for 57days, arrive earlier at Yaounde to prepare for the project. Attended Train the Trainer program. Team leader of CSR subject in charge of 6 members. Facilitator and co facilitator, reporter of Health , Entrepreneurship, English, IT and Community works. Personally, I had learn how to communicate and work along with groups of interns and local members although there was a huge diverse in culture and understanding, but I manage to resolve any conflict that potential come out in my communication. Besides, I had met a lot of local people and learn some french. I heard their story and it was very meaningful for me because I would never imagine I can heard that in my country. Beside, I had been living with my host family before the project period begin, and I tast every single bit of Cameroonian life style there, and now I had better understanding of Africa culture..."
Sabrina lim siew lee, Malaysia. Volunteer 2011