Sunday, 9 June 2013

Summer 2013 general calendar

  • From June 11th to July 7th 2013
Arrival of Internationals
  • July 7th
Arrival of the Team in Bangoua village
  • From July 8th to 12th 2013
Train The Trainer Seminar (The Agenda is inbox)
  • July 14th 2013
Travelling of the team 2 to Babouantou village
  • July 15th to August 25th 2013
6 weeks of trainings, sensitization...
  • August 26th to September 1st 2013
ECOTRIP Southern Cameroon (Foumban, Bamenda, Buea, Limbe, Douala, Kribi...)
  • September 2nd 2013
Global evaluation